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Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute

Utica, NY

We helped this cultural institution kickstart a major gifts and individual giving program to supplement its endowment and corporate sponsorships.


The Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, in Utica, NY, founded in 1918, includes the Museum of Art, with a renowned permanent collection, new exhibitions, and educational experiences; the Performing Arts Division, which presents concerts, film programs, and educational activities; and the School of Art, a nationally accredited college program in association with Pratt Institute, as well as community arts education.


The Institute sought to augment its endowment to build a development operation with additional advancement actions to encourage philanthropic investment.

Our Solution

Innovative Resources acted as educators and advisors to the President and the Board to make recommendations and assist in transitioning the funding scenario to include development of a major gifts program and individual giving program to supplement the endowment and corporate sponsorships of exhibitions. This would allow the endowment to grow.


In helping to put building blocks in place for a more robust development effort, Innovative Resources positioned the Institute to create more effective fundraising methods as they moved forward.